M.E. Vaughan

Names & Places



MAG MELL (Mag-mel) – The main continent, comprised of Kathra, Harmatia, Bethean & Avalon.


HARMATIA (Hur-marsh-ee-ah) – Capital and kingdom of the central lands, stood between Kathra and Bethean. Founder of human magic, and home of the Magi.

- ANAES’ FORTRESS (A-knee-us) – A fortress on the edge of the Myrithian forest.


BETHEAN (Beth-een.) – Capital and Kingdom of the south-eastern lands. Divided from Harmatia by the MYRITHIAN (Mear-rith-ee-an) forest.

- SARRIN (Sah-rin) – A northern province in Bethean, with a town of the same name.


KATHRA (Kath-rah) – Kingdom of the far north, separated into four provinces: SIGEL’EG (Sig-elle-leg) The Capital, La’KALCIAR (La Kal-See-er) The Lake Region, MAEAR (Meer) The Farming Region and ISNYDEA (Is-nah-dee) Land of the Damned.


AVALON (Ah-vah-lon) – Land of the Sidhe, stood to the far East, between the sea and Bethean.


RÉNE (Rhen-ay) – Country across the sea to the south of Mag Mell, known as the ‘Country of the Sun.’



KING THESTIAN (Thest-ee-un) – Son of King KREON & Queen GUINEVE . Known as the Benevolent King.

- His first wife – QUEEN REINE DuBLANCHE (Rhenn do bu-lon-shuh) daughter of King BOZIDAR of Kathra and his Queen FREIA.

  • Their son – SVERRIN DuBLANCHE (Svaer-rin), deceased. Known as the Warrior Prince.


- His second wife – THE LADY ÉLIANE of the DELPHI (Eh-lee-ann of the Del-fee) Daughter of Lord VINCENT & Lady ELLA.

  • Their son – (JIONAT)HAN of the DELPHI ((Yo-nat)-han), heir to throne. Known as the Delphi Prince.


BELPHEGORE ODIN (Bel-fa-gore Oh-din) – Leader of the Magi, successor and apprentice of HORATIO of the DELPHI.

- His first apprentice – ARLEN ZACHARY (Arh-len Zack-ary) son of RIVALEN ZACHARY & MARIA DuMORNE. Leader of the Night Patrol.

- His second apprentice – RUFUS MERLE, (Roo-fas Murl) son of TORIN MERLE & NORA MEREL (nee ROSSIGNOL.)

MORGO EDWIN (More-go Ed-win) – Leader of the Healing Sect.


MARCEL HATHELY (Mar-sell hath-a-lee) – Son of PETAR HATHELY & MARGARETE AUCHERION. Second in command of the Night Patrol.

- His apprentice – EMERIC FOLD (Em-ah-rick fold) son of ARTHUR FOLD & JANE HATHELY. Member of the Night Patrol.


PHEOLUS PATRUDE (Fee-you-less Pa-trude) – A Lord in Thestian’s Court.


SAPHAR (Sah-far) – A famous Harmatian Playwright & novelist from the last century.

- CIARÁN (Keer-awn) A Gancanagh from ‘The Lover’s Sin’ by Saphar

- SOPHIA (So-fee-ah) Ciarán’s lover from ‘The Lover’s Sin’ by Saphar

- DELLATANIA (Del-ah-tan-ya) A Knight from ‘The Barrel Men’ by Saphar

- ARDIOS (Ar-dee-yos) A Knight from ‘The Barrel Men’ by Saphar

- VESPUS (Ves-pous) A Knight from ‘The Barrel Men’ by Saphar

- JOSHUA (Joh-shew-ah) The forgotten prince from ‘The Barrel Men’ by Saphar.





KING MARKUS (Mar-kas) – King of Bethean, son of King MADREAN & Queen MAUD. Known as the Just King.

- His wife – EVAENGALINE (Ee-van-ja-lean)

  • Their Daughter – AURORA (Ah-roar-rah)
  • Their Son – HAMISH (Hey-mish)


MICHAEL ROSSIGNOL (My-kal Ross-sin-yol) – Patron of Sarrin town, first cousin of NORA MERLE.

- His wife – LILY-ANNE (Lily-An)

  • Their Daughter – MIELANE (Me-len)
  • Their Daughter – LUCA (Loo-ka)
  • Their Daughter – ANNABELLE (Anna-bell)
  • Their Son – ROWAN (Row – en)



FAE ó MURCHADH of the NEVE (Fay O’ Mur-rha of the Neh-vay) – Courier of the CAT SIDHE (Cat-She), a mercenary Sidhe.


EMBARR REAGON (Em-bar Ray-gan) – GANCANAGH (Gan-Can-Nah) a Faerie Incubi.


BRUATAR (Brue-tar) A Changling from the Myrithian forest.

- His underling JAK (Jack), a simple bandit.


NIAMH (Neeve) Sidhe Goddess and Fae’s Grandmother.


TITANIA (Tee-tah-knee-ah) Queen of the Seelie Court.


KORRIGAN (Koh-reh-gan) Priestesses of the Sidhe Goddess MORRIGAN (Moh-reh-gan)


BEAN NIGHE (Ben Neeyah) Souls of departed mothers, perished in pregnancy or childbirth.


RED CAPA ghoulish creature that haunts ruins and abandoned castles.


FOMORII (Fah-more-ree) A clan of faeries, equal to the Sidhe. Also known as ‘Elves’.


KELPIE (Kel-pee) A water-horse that entices victims onto its back, then drowns and eats them.


SEËR (See-ur) A person with the gift of foresight.


CHANGLING (Change-ling) – A faerie baby that has been swapped for a human child.



ARAMATHEA (Ah-rah-mah-tay-ah) Mother of the Gods, Daughter of Danu.


MALAK (Mah-lack) Goddess of Wisdom, Travel & Merchants, Daughter of Wind


ETHEUS (Ee-thee-us) God of Swiftness, Cunning & Thieves, Son of Wind


PROSPAN (Pro-span) Goddess of Nurture, Parenthood & Farmers, Daughter of Earth


HAYLIX (Hey-licks) Goddess of Arts, Elegance & Children, Daughter of Water


PENTHAR (Pen-thar) God of Pride, Courage & Warriors, Son of Earth


HEXIAS (Hex-ee-us) God of Will, Strength & Forging, Son of Fire


SEPTUS (Sep-tus) God of Healing, Science & Medicine, Son of Earth


OCTANIA (Oc-tay-knee-ah) Goddess of Creativity, Intelligence & Scholars, Daughter of Fire


NOTAMEER (Not-ah-meer) God of Justice, Logic & Life, Ruler of the Day and Giver of Light. Son of Water. Notameer’s star is the sun.


ATHEA (Ah-tee-ah) Goddess of Emotion, Battle & Death, Ruler of the Night, Guide to the Lost and Giver of Dreams. Daughter of Fire. Athea’s star is known as the ‘Red Star’.