A Dictionary of Harmatian Slang

A Cuckoo’s Nest

If something is fictitious, groundless, or irrational. (Ex – “That’s a Cuckoo’s Nest of an idea.”) Origin – the first recorded usage of the word was in Saphar’s work The Barrel Men. It was conned from the cuckoo’s habit of laying its eggs in other bird’s nests.



Someone who grovels or submits easy. (Ex. – “Yessir, no sir, another kick up the backside for me sir – you’re really quite flat-nosed, aren’t you?”) Origin – supposed to imply that a person bows so deeply their nose it flat against the floor.


Physician’s Apprentice

A casual term that describes someone who will partake in sexual activities with either sex. (Ex. – “Eliza last week, and Thomas yesterday – this one’s a real physician’s apprentice.”) Origin – from the groundless assumption that actual physician’s apprentices spend so much time studying human anatomy together, that they inevitably become overcome with lust and sleep together.


Shared Blades

It is used to describe two people who fight or work exceptionally well together. (Ex – “They fight like they shared blades.”) Origin – To share blades usually refers to fighters who have trained together from a young age and subsequently shared blades in their training.


Thief Fire

Another word for lightening. (Ex – “There was thief fire all across the sky!”) Origin – From the tale that the god Etheus’ created lightening.


Haylix’s Kiss

To be given ‘Haylix’s Kiss’ is to be love-struck. (Ex – “She was watching him all night. That one’s been given Haylix’s kiss.”) Origin – Haylix is the Goddess of Young Love, and it is under her guidance that people fall inlove.



Red Hair

To have, or be accused of having ‘Red Hair’ is to have a temper or a fiery spirit. This is also associated with the goddess Athea, as well as Octania & Hexias. As such, names that mean ‘Red’ or ‘Red Haired’ such as ‘Rufus’, ‘Aldred’, ‘Flanna’, ‘Reid’, ‘Roslyn’ etc. are often given to children born under a Fire Star.