The Betheanians have mostly converted from the ‘Old Religion’ to that of the ‘True Gods. However, in their conversion they have adapted their worship of the ‘True Gods’ to include many old traditions and beliefs. Many Betheanians worship both the Sidhe gods and the True Gods together and see them as the Gods of the Heavens and the Gods on Earth.

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Bethean share most of the Harmatian Myths & Traditions, but also have a number of their own. Of all the Kingdoms in the continent, Betheanians are said to be the most superstitious, but are collectively also the happiest.

The Tongue:- In Betheanian lore, the tongue is the most powerful part of the body. It has the ability to do great good, or great evil. A spoken insult acts as a curse, and can bring grave misfortune, just as encouragement can make something a reality.

Sacred Flesh and Blood: Blood and flesh are considered sacred in Bethean. It was believed that by keeping or eating the flesh of an enemy you take on his strength, but most Betheanian’s consider this to be extremely bad both spiritually and morally. This is because a person’s actions and sins reside in their skin. By taking on the flesh of another, you take on all that they have done, especially if you take the hands, heart, any of the head, or blood.

Making Love at Midnight: It is considered extremely bad luck to make love between the hours of 3:00 in the morning and 5:00. This was because this time was considered to be at the height of dark-spirit activity, and that any child conceived at this time would be possessed by one such spirit and cause great woe. However, having sexual intercourse at midnight was considered good-luck, as the child will have been conceived in the space between two days. A child conceived at midnight was said to be highly intelligent, possess great wisdom and also have the power of foresight.

Bell Necklace: New born-infants are given silver bell necklaces up until the age of five. The bells are especially designed to sound like tinkling water, and whilst soothing the baby, also warded off dark faeries and spirits who might wish the child harm. Children who do not wear bells are more likely to be swapped with Changelings.

Malak Walks the Earth: It is said that the goddess Malak once visited a chapel of Aramathea in Bethean. The chapel, which was being restored, kept being destroyed in the night and would not stay up. Malak visited the distraught architect one night and informed him that the chapel had been built on a mass-burial ground and that the angry spirits were trying to be heard. Sure enough, when the builders dug up the earth the next day, they found the bodies of some twenty people, dumped unceremoniously. The bodies were each given a proper burial, and the chapel was finished. Since then, any who enter the chapel are said to feel a great presence of calm and contentment. The graceful figure of Malak has been spotted on a number of occasions, praying with the priests and priestesses.